Handy Valeting and Car Detailing Services From Horsham, West Sussex

With KKS Gatwick Parking in Horsham, West Sussex, your vehicle is kept in top condition while you're on holiday. We care for your car like it is one of our own at a price that is kind to your budget. Our team offer valeting and car detailing services in Horsham, which is the location of our car parking facilities. Although we have general price guidelines, our service is tailored to your individual requirements and costs do vary.


Option One

Starting at just £45, our professionals spend from an hour to an hour and a half ensuring that your vehicle is cleaned from top to bottom. All completed by hand, we use wax of only the finest quality to give your car that ultimate shine.

Option Two

When you select option two for your beloved car, our team work on the inside of it for at least half a day. As well as receiving the solutions included in option one, your vehicle is treated to an intricate detailing service by us for only £65. We completely clean the seats and carpets, make your dashboard sparkle, and even vacuum the inside of the boot.

Summer Jet Wash

You'll find that your car gets dirty quickly in the summer due to all of the dust from the road. At just £10, your vehicle receives a swift jet wash that promises a quick and easy clean. Please note that the wax-and-shine service is not included in our summer jet washing. We also provide a dependable meet-and-greet service at Gatwick Airport to give you complete peace of mind and keep your vehicles safe in Horsham. Our self-sufficient team offer:

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